Our Repair section is responsible for the restoration of undesirable conditions in infrastructure and equipment back to its normal working state.

So don’t dump that malfunctioning TV, Microwave, or other small appliances, let us fix it for you. Here we handle replacement of old or faulty home appliances, fixtures and fittings, warranty management, Insurance and repairs.

We can also manage the payment of your utility bills such as PHCN, DSTV, water rate and any related issues for a token handling fee.

Home appliances such as but not limited to:
• TVs and Sound Systems
• Cooling Systems (Fridges, Freezers, Air Conditioners & Water Dispensers)
• Microwave
• Gas Cooker
• Washing Machines
• Generators
• Leaking Roofs
• Cracked Walls
• Electrical and Plumbing repairs
• Paving Stones relaying
And in case you prefer to replace with a new one, we can make arrangement for that and also facilitate flexible payment with some of our partners.